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Dance of the Shadow Blades
Name Dance of the Shadow Blades
Kanji 影刀の舞
Literal English Dance of the Shadow Blades
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Other Jutsu
Dance of the Shadow Blades (影刀の舞, Eitō no Mai) is an expansion of Shadow Invocation in which Nōsei converts a single blade generated through the aforementioned technique into several. While such a division of chakra would usually drastically decrease the strength of the blades in question, this technique maintains their quality by instead decreasing the amount of time the temporary items exist. For example, a normal blade created through Shadow Invocation lasts roughly an hour. By splitting said blade into six, the items would only last roughly ten minutes. Once blade is split in this method they are then manipulated in a manner similar to telekinesis with Chakra Weave. Nōsei has shown to control these blades with extreme speed and precision, allowing him to extend his attack capabilities considerably. Furthermore, since the hovering blades are connected to him via Chakra Weave he is able to channel chakra into the blades for various purposes. Finally, Nōsei has demonstrated the ability to setup a mobile array for his clan's fūinjutsu by surrounding a target with five blades while performing the technique's necessary hand seals.

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