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Daruma Kuebiko
Name Daruma Kuebiko
Kanji 久延毘古ダルマ
Personal Status
Birthdate April 16
Age 32 (Path of our Heroes)
Gender Male Male
Height 176 cm
Weight 61 kg
Blood Type B +
Home Country Land of Lightning Symbol Land of Lightning
Affiliation Senju Symbol Senju Clan (Political Alliance)
Family Kuebiko Clan Symbol Kuebiko Clan
Kohime Kuebiko (Wife)
Kyōko Tomoe (Lover)
Keisotsu Kuebiko (Brother)
Fukushū Kuebiko (Son)
Professional Status
Classification Jōnin Symbol Clan Leader
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Storm Storm Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Lightning Lightning Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Coming Soon...
Weapons Coming Soon...
There once was a man with a heart of ice and a blood-soaked blade. He captured what prizes the Land had to offer and cut down any and all who stood in his way. Yet, with his last breath he bequethed the mountains of wealth to the people he had forsaken, and through this final act became immortalized as a hero. Ironic, is it not? A killer turned bedtime story.

Kyogi Shinja on Daruma Kuebiko.

Daruma Kuebiko (久延毘古ダルマ, Lit. Bringer of Fortune, Disabled Prince) is the leader of the Kuebiko Clan. While under his leadership, the Kuebiko conquered many of the Land of Lightning's vital trade routes and amassed a vast wealth of coin and resources.

Personality Edit

By those who know him most, Daruma has been described as a cold individual with a heart of ice and a bladed tongue. He is merciless. A person whose only goal is the exponential growth of his wealth and the cementing of his power within the Land of Lightning. As a leader, he commands absolute loyalty and respect, showing common courtesy and even gratitude to those who serve him well. To his enemies, he exumes bitter hatrid masked behind an expressionless visage, enacting his plans without care for innocent casualties. There is a light to the darkness however, that light being Kohime. While within her presence, a dramatic change occurs to his overall persona: though as deadly as ever, he exhibits a sense of contentment, possibly happiness, though no one has been brave enough to voice these observations for confirmation. All in all, he is an intelligent, ruthless man with an undying drive to accumulate more coin.

Appearance Edit


Daruma's General Attire

Trademark to members of the Kuebiko Clan, Daruma is easily identified by his dark complexion and raven hair; which he prefers long and braided in various styles. He appears as a male of tall stature and athletic build, the latter of which typically hidden by his general attire. Some say that his most stunning quality is his eyes; dual pools of flawless garnet, though his strongly disagrees and keeps them shrouded from view behind a pair of violet goggles.

On few occassions has Daruma kept with the styles of the current era, but on those rare days he can be seen garbed in the combat regalia commonly worn by the world's most known leaders: a suit of vermillion armor. In recent days he has worn this attire only once, upon meeting Hashirama Senju, and has since worn his general clothing in his presence; his justification being: "When staring in the eyes of a legends, it is easier to keep oneself from quaking if his attire keeps his legs stiff." No doubt, a minor complaint about the armor's level of comfort.

Otherwise, Daruma wears an attire befitting his craving for comfort, donning white, robe-like cloak over a black kosode, matching hakama, and a white obi. His footwear varies between the standard, open-toed sandals of the shinobi world and his favored pair of geta. Never is he seen without his signature weapon, the sword Harusame (春雨, Spring Rain), either belted to his side or carried in hand.

Abilities Edit

Background Edit

Many years prior to Daruma's coming into power, the lust for power and wealth had infected his heart and dominated his actions from an early age. During the years of his childhood and youth, the Kuebiko Clan was a shadow of its future self; a greed-driven gaggle of detasteable human beings divided in rough social classes based upon individual wealth. Daruma was unfortunate enough to be born into the the very bottom of the social classes to a lovestruck pair who could barely afford to feed him. However, he did not stay within those detestable conditions for long, for a twist of fate brought neighboring clans rampaging through his home and tore from him the lives of his parents before his eyes.

Though greedy, members of the Kuebiko were always responsible and somewhat "generous" when it came to orphans and widows. Daruma was promptly relocated to the manor of his uncle, the most wealthy member of the clan and supposed leader. There, he and his elder sibling lived a life of servanthood; cleaning, cooking, and generally slaving away in order to make the lives of his uncle and his immediate family easier. On a fateful afternoon once all the chores were completed, Daruma ventured into his uncle's private study and opened one of his business ledgers. Illiterate as he was, he was fascinated by the symbols printed upon the parchment and was caught hours after he had began staring at the pages, transfixed. He was dragged off to be beaten by his uncle, but upon hearing what had transpired his uncle instead began to instruct him in reading, writing, and later, ninjutsu.

From thence, he was highly favored by his uncle. This was partially due to the fact that Daruma had become quite the flatterer, eagerly listening to his uncle drone on and one about his financial conquests and clinging to his every word. It was also due to the utter disappointment that his son had turned out to be: an overweight, sluggish waste in his eyes. Though Daruma learned daily lessons on grammar and combat, his most important teachings were the conditions of his clan. He became well-versed in the trivial workings of his kin and soon saw wealth as the only method by which to eliminate the horrid social classes once and for all, and to end his own miserable sufferings as a servantboy. This opportunity came when the slayers of his parents came crashing through the gates of his uncle's manor, ultimately claiming his life and the life of his wife and children.

Through fate, the favor of Daruma's uncle had caused him to bequeth his fortune to the young man. However, these funds did not sit idly by in a vault or spent lavishly on the pleasures of life. Instead, Daruma promptly dispersed these funds amongst members of the Kuebiko, elevating each and every household to a relatively even financial status and effectively eliminating the social system he had lived under since his birth. Because of this, he was unanimously voted as the successor to the Kuebiko Clan leadership, a mantle he took with pride at the age of twenty. From thence, he tirelessly to secure a position of power and wealth for his clan, training and mobilizing the strongest of their number for the forceful taking of territory and wealth; effectively reinacting the horrid acts that had taken the lives of his parents and uncle upon neighboring clans within the Land.

Synopsis Edit

Main article: Naruto: Path of our Heroes

Trivia Edit

According to his Naruto: Path of our Heroes databook entry:

  • Daruma's hobby is Meditation.
  • Daruma's favorite food is Yakitori while his least favorite is Ikura.
  • Daruma wishes to fight Madara Uchiha.
  • Daruma's signature phrase is: "Scum." (部落民, Burakumin)

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