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The Daystar Clinic (明星の診療所, Myōjō no Shinryōsho) is an underground operation center founded by Katsuki Naoe for the purpose of providing both medical care and other services without involving with any Daimyō or hidden villages. The clinic itself can be found within Kura-ku, and operates almost exclusively with less than legal clientele. More recently the Daystar Clinc has become the base of operation for both counter demonic and antiestablisment activities.


During its first incarnation the Daystar Clinic was positioned in the ruins of one of the city's several collapsed buildings, which required several and frequent makeshift repairs. After the Katsuki and the other Death Dealers forced all of the large scale criminal entities from the city the clinic, which had been destroyed during the fighting, was relocated to the abandoned hospital near the center of Kura-ku.


Initially Katsuki's management of the clinic revolve solely around providing medical care and pharmaceuticals to underground clientele, without questioning their allegiance or background. This would later be expanded when Katsuki weaponized the Cursed Seal Nutrient, and begun to sell the drug to enemies of Kirigakure.

Shortly before encountering Nōsei no Mikoto Katsuki began to provide information on mercenary work and other underground missions to customers, acting as a distributor in more ways than one. After clashing with other large criminal entities in the city the clinic began to provide basic medical care to the residents of Kura-ku. Furthermore, due to the influence of the her associates Katsuki's clinic became involved in a variety of additional objectives.

Known AffiliatesEdit

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