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Death Blossom
Name Death Blossom
Kanji 死咲
Classification Offensive
Rank A-rank
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This technique is an expansion of the chakra flow utilized by the samurai of the Land of Iron. Hitori Koyama leaves a portion of this chakra behind on the targets she cuts which, upon her signal, violently burst outward, like a flower in bloom. This allows her to expand the range of any wound she inflicts with her chakra flow enhanced strikes. Furthermore, in comparison to the precise initial cut from the chakra blade the explosive gash generated with Death Blossom is much more difficult to repair. Additionally, this allows Hitori to magnify even simple scratches she inflicts upon her targets to critical levels.


This technique shares the same romanization as Hitori's codename while serving in ANBU.

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