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Death Illusion: Human Puppet
Name Death Illusion: Human Puppet
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range Short, Mid
Hand Seals Serpent → Boar → Rat
Other Jutsu

The Death Illusion: Human Puppet technique is a Genjutsu unique to Ayatsuri and most often performed with Ayatsuri's puppet, Sakkaku. This genjutsu stems from ocular perception and as such either Ayatsuri or Sakkaku must be close enough to the intended victim that they are able to be seen clearly. The victim must only be looking at the user when the Genjutsu is formed, and while eye contact isn't necessary it is notably easier to ensnare the opponent when eye contact has been established. The user quickly forms the necessary hand seals and if the victim is successfully ensnared they would then be subjected to an illusion in which they are strapped down to a work table and Ayatsuri slowly converts them into a human puppet. The victim feels the immense pain of every cut, of every joint being driven into them, the preserving of their bodies, and every motion. They are then manipulated by Ayatsuri and made to battle Sakkaku, but unlike a puppet they feel every strike that they receive and if the victim receives a fatal blow they are rendered unconscious and the illusion is lifted. During this Genjutsu the victim may either be paralyzed or allowed the movement that occurs within the Genjutsu, resulting in their imitation of a jerky and badly constructed puppet. The victim will then experience an illusion of strings being attached to their puppet body, turning them into a Marionette. They will hear the phrase "Dance for me my little Marionette until I sever your strings!", they will be made to spin and twirl about before their strings are cut and they are rendered unconscious in reality. While this technique is formidable it is able to be broken through the use of the traditional release or the victim receiving an intense shock in reality through pain.

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