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Demonic Illusion: Dark Conspiracy
Name Demonic Illusion: Dark Conspiracy
Kanji 魔幻・黒い陰謀
Literal English Demonic Illusion: Dark Conspiracy
Classification Supplementary
Range Short to Mid range
Other Jutsu
After establishing Sharingan eye contact with the target this technique permits the user to misrepresent position and appearance of individuals that the victims gaze falls upon. By doing this practitioners are able to generate sheer confusion within enemy ranks, easily turning the tide when severely outnumbered. Skilled manipulators of this technique, such as Nanashi Uchiha, can also activate and deactivate this technique at will after eye contact has been established creating utter chaos amongst victims. While Nanashi has shown that turning a single individual against their allies can spur distrust and infighting, the true power of this technique is its contagious expansion beyond the initial victim. After infecting a single target with this technique she can spread the illusion through this victim as they make eye contact with others. By doing so she has been able to annihilate entire isolated groups on enemies without lifting finger.

It should be noted that unlike most illusory skills this technique cannot be dispelled with the simple genjutsu release, though other methods of release are still fully functional. Furthermore, even if this technique is broken the fear enemies being mixed in with one's allies is enough to accomplish similar destructive results.

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