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Demonic Illusion: Perception Overload
Name Demonic Illusion: Perception Overload
Kanji 魔幻・勘過負荷
Literal English Demonic Illusion: Perception Overload
Classification Supplementary
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
This illusion, derived from the Sharingan, permits the user to debilitate nearly any individual by altering the victims ability to sense external stimuli. Under normal circumstances a person is unable to detect a stimuli until it has reached an intensity referred to as the absolute threshold. In this way a person is able block out unnecessary stimuli that would otherwise be incredibly distracting. As such the body constantly sends a multitude of sensory signals that aren't registered by the brain. This technique effectively removes the minds ability to block out these sensations. As such a target under its effect has all of their senses magnified to the point that clouds their mind's ability to focus on anything but the myriad of sensations by which they are stricken. In most cases this will immediately cause a target to fall into a comatose like state due to the mass of information that is being channeled through their nervous system.

It should be noted that the effects are only temporarily as the victim's mind will eventually reestablish the sensory limitations over to course roughly five minutes, though time spent unconscious can be anywhere between a few minutes to several days. Particularly calm individuals, people who meditate regularly, and those who already have increased sensory abilities appear to have greater resistance to this technique. As such the only way to defeat this technique is to forcefully ignore the unnecessary sensory information. It would appear that skill with dispelling and casting genjutsu doesn't provide one with a greater defense from this technique due to the its design and that the feeling of pain will only be magnified by the technique.

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