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Three Dragons
Affiliation ???
Partner Akira Uchiha
Previous Partner Unknown
Classification Summon
Nature Type(s) 100px-Nature Icon Fire.svg Fire Release

Dragons (竜, Ryū) are rare summonings that have no known loyalty. They have no natural habitat, instead they fly the skies of the world, nesting in remote locations. Dragons are naturally attuned to Fire Release ninjutsu, making it their standard chakra form. Summoning Dragons, as with any large summon, takes a large amount of chakra. Due to their use of Fire Release, Dragons are considered by some to have been the original Fire Release users (a title shared with the Kajijū) and have a natural rivalry with that species

Overview Edit

Most dragons are known for their large size, the smallest adult being the size of a large house, the biggest almost the size of a small mountain. They're hide is immensely durable, and they're known for their fast flight and fire breathing, common to all dragons. There are a few which can utilize more than Fire Release.

Mature dragons can speak Human language, like Gamabunta and Manda, as well as roars that carry over long distances to communicate with their own kind. Dragons are very long lived, though an exact lifespan has yet to be counted.

Known Dragons Edit

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