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Dream Wing
Name Dream Wing
Kanji 夢翼
Literal English Dream Wing
Other Mirage Feather (蜃気楼羽 Shinkirouhane)
Classification Hiden Technique
Rank A
Range Short-Mid Range
Hand Seals Bird -> Monkey -> Bird -> Dragon
Other Jutsu

Dream Wing (夢翼 Yumeyoku) is a Hiden Technique created by Kosenjou Yuuyoku. By using the properties of Yin Release, Kosenjou is able to create black feathers which collect together through a Chakra Thread to become wings. These wings function as a "shroud-type" genjutsu, in a similar manner to a programmed image of sorts, controlled by Kosenjou. This is done by creating preconditions for each maneuver of the feathers, a genjutsu is then formed to react to it, thus commonly disabling the attack. For example, if the precondition were to be stated by Kosenjou as, "If a sword were to come in a distance of 5 metres from me, these wings will transform me into a flock of crows". This ability is directly proportionate to Kosenjou's senses, as the preconditions can only be made if they match with what is seen, heard and felt by Kosenjou herself, thus long-range genjutsu cannot be created by her. These conditions however, must be made before an opponent attacks, otherwise the technique is useless. It should also be noted that this technique's preconditions are directly correlated with Kosenjou and her own imagination. A skilled opponent is able to use several methods to combat this genjutsu and defeat the set conditions. It is for this reason that Kosenjou always attempts to discern through an opponent's techniques and thus, broaden her own imagination for different ways to counter it.


  • The concept of this technique came from User:Chrono Nexus, many thanks to him for the ideas.

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