Drowning Release
Name Drowning Release
Kanji すいし遁
Literal English Submersion Style
Range All
Other Jutsu

Drowning Release (すいし遁 Suishiton, Viz Submersion Style) is an advanced chakra nature. Certain clans within Kirigakure are known to possess this advanced chakra nature. It has been confirmed that it is a kekkei genkai and a rare advanced chakra nature. While like normal Water Release techniques Drowning Release is manipulation of water either pre-existing or created from the Ninja's Chakra, it is different and more advanced. There are two main differences between conventional Water Release and Drowning Release. Those two differences are tempature and form or shape of the water. In Drowning Release one can manipulate the tempature with one's Chakra either heating it or cooling it down to far greater degree than Water Release. This done by adding heat or removing heat from the water. It is rumored that the water can get hotter than conventional Fire-style and even cold enough to extinguish the flames of the Blaze Release. The other difference's is the form or shape, the water can be manipulated into. While water is one of the versatile of chakra natures, water from a Drowning Release is even more versatile. For example, by changing liguid form into a liguid-like substance like jelly and vice-versa. The exact break down and built is currently unknown.

Drowning Release while still an advance is still a water chakra nature so it shares the same pros and cons as normal Water Release. As such Drowning Release will naturally extinguish fire (though a sufficiently powerful technique can cause evaporation however the degree required for this is higher) but will naturally be overcome by earth. However will take a normally higher level technique to achieve this, when compared to normal Water Release Techniques.

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