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Earth Release: Earth Stomp
Name Earth Release: Earth Stomp
Kanji 土遁・大地踏みつける
Literal English Earth Release: Earth Stomp
Classification Ninjutsu
Rank B-Class
Range Short-Long
Hand Seals Unknown
Other Jutsu

Earth Release: Earth Stomp (土遁・大地踏みつける, "Doton: Daichi Fumitsukeru") is a high-level Earth Release jutsu created by Miroku Kuujou. Incidentally, Miroku is its sole user, and he refuses to teach it to anyone else.


First, the user channels an enormous amount of chakra to their feet, transmorgifying it into the earth element. Stomping their foot into the ground, the earth chakra flows into the ground, creating "roots" which quickly shifts the ground beneath the user at amazing speeds, causing a small explosion in the form of earth around rocks to spring front the ground, launching the user in any direction they wish at incomprehensible speeds. This has the added effect of causing small tremors within the ground. The user can also utilize this technique to catch airborne opponents by propelling themselves high into the air. The time that is spent moving is all up to the user- Miroku utilizes it as his main form of transport.

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