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Earth Release: Fortress Wall
Name Earth Release: Fortress Wall
Kanji 土遁・要塞壁
Classification Defensive
Range Mid to Long Range
Hand Seals Tiger → Hare → Boar → Dog → Snake
Other Jutsu

Earth Release: Fortress Wall(土遁・要塞壁, Doton: Yōsai Kabe) is a versatile ninjutsu which produces a highly durable defense. Much like the technique from which it is derived, pre-existing earth is manipulated by the user to instantly form and rise as a wall of solid rock. The wall is intricately reinforced through the layering of chakra within the rock itself, creating a durability synonymous with that of reinforced metal. The Fortress Wall itself is highly resilient, easily capable of repelling concussive or explosive forces, making it an excellent tactic for usage against Fire or Wind Release users. Furthermore, it's durability can even withstand the effects of erosion created by ninjutsu of the Water Release.

While exceptionally versatile, the Fortress Wall can easily put a strain upon the user's chakra reserves as the strength of the earth and its size are directly proportional to the cost to complete the ninjutsu.

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