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Echo (鳴, Nari) is an assassin for hire who has no official loyalty; He allies himself with who pays the best. His birth is a mystery it is as if from nowhere and no place he just appeared in this world has a young man. For this reason many think of him as a ghost, something that can’t be killed.

Appearance Edit

Echo as most calls him; he wears a full tan outfit. A large hood that covers most of his face along with a face mask, some wonder how he even sees. A loss fitting sleeveless jacket sets over a long-sleeve shirt. He has full gloves. Baggy pants with long boots cover his bottom half. On his left arm he wears a blank shield, to show he has not loyalty.

Personality Edit

The missions and tasks that the countries have used him for have taken a toll on his mental ability. He has been forced to kill many people for reasons unknown to him, the victims were of varying ages and social classes. While the majority of them have been adults of high importance, a number has also been infants as well. He stays clear of groups of people because in his past he has prone to panic attacks, where he thinks that everyone around him is out to get him. When he isn’t under the effect of the panic attack he is somewhat silent not easily angered. Though once angered he is stated to be able to look it to the eyes of people and cause them to have a feeling of death as if he is staring into their very soul.


Not remembering much of his past Echo had meet up with a man that mean called Xuán Wǔ. He was a high ranking officer in a underground network of highly skilled assassins. Xuán Wǔ spit words about knowing how to find Echo's past and being able to help him. Echo was at the age of ten. This was shortly after the fourth great war and much of the land was still recovering from it. By the age 13 Echo had trained with each of the four generals and learned what they had to offer in the arts of assassination. He performed many unforgivable task and murdered many people. At his young age this took huge tolls on his mental stability. Has time went on he feel deeper into the rabbit hole. The night of his 16th birthday, or what the organization called his birthday. He got a rare chance to meet someone that few in Fókǒu Shéxīn even that was real. He was taken to a far off place deep in the northern mountains. To a large building within one of the mountains. There before him was the man he had come to blame for all his hate the serpent's heart, Huáng Lóng, the yellow dragon. The head ruler of the order of assassins. In an instant two small explosions on the back of the man that brought Echo here detonate killing the men. The leader thinking he was safe far in the mountains had no other guards. Echo disappear in the smoke of the blast. Only to reappear behind the leader as he slowly dragged a blade acrossed the dragons throat. Lowering the body to the floor Echo takes the mark of the dragon and raises to begin his own search of answer to his past and the new Huáng Lóng. Echo orders all the generals to meet him. Where he gives them no choose but to take their own lives. Now he sets out to find new leaders to run this organization.