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Electromagnetic Perception
Name Electromagnetic Perception
Kanji 電磁感知
Literal English Electromagnetic Perception
Classification Ninjutsu
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu
Inherent and unique to Shirokaze Fuyutama this technique allows one to release pulses of low frequency lightning chakra into his immediate surrounds. By monitoring the subsequent electromagnetic field he is able to detect the presence and fluctuations of various energies and objects within said field. Through this ability Shirokaze is able to recognize the identity of individuals, relative chakra reseerves, nature types, and kekkei genkai he has encountered. Furthermore, he is able to apply this technique delivers him information at an extremely alarming rate allowing him to utilize in combat as a method of tracking people and metallic weapons in combat simply through their interaction with the electromagnetic field alone. This allows him to increase his ability to react to the highest of levels. While this sensory ability does not possess the same range as others, the wealth of information that it does provide at closer range far exceeds the abilities wielded by most sensors.

It should be noted that while Shirokaze can detect individuals with unique attributes to their chakra, such a feat requires that he has encountered the kekkei genkai in question at some point in his life. This is best observed with Shiro first met Shītengoku Katsuragi, a jinchūriki and possessor of the Ice Release. With this technique he was able to notice Shī's strange chakra nature and secondary source of chakra, but he didn't know their identity until matching his senses with an example of the chakra in question.

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