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Elemental Phantom
Name Elemental Phantom
Kanji 幻有大
Literal English Phantom Composed of the Elements
Classification Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu
Elemental Phantom (幻有大; Maboroshi Udai; Literally Meaning "Phantom Composed of the Elements) is an elemental enhanced movement technique derived from the commonly utilized Body Flicker Technique. It is performed by stimulating the user's body with lightning chakra while simultaneously manipulating air around the user's body with wind in order to eliminate air resistance. The result is a burst of extreme velocity that surpasses most, if not all, high-speed movement techniques. Particularly the burst of speed is sufficient enough to generate an optical illusion in observer's minds, making it appear as if the practitioner hasn't moved. This pseudo-illusory afterimage is the result of the minds of those who witness this technique not registering that the practitioner of Elemental Phantom has moved. While this technique doesn't require a strenuous amount of chakra to perform it can be stressful on the user's body if used continuously in a short amount of time. Therefore, it is often employed in short bursts.

In addition to simply enhancing one's speed the alteration of air currents around the user's body can also be utilized for a variety of midair purposes. The most simple of these is the ability to change one's trajectory mid-jump, adding a great deal of unpredictability to the user's movements. Furthermore, while manipulating air currents with this technique cannot permit a user to achieve flight, considerably enhancing the height an individual can jump and slowly the rate at which one falls to is quite possible.

Finally, Nōsei has developed a Godaidō enhanced movement technique as well, which he has deemed to also fall under the category of this techniqu. By effectively merging one's existence with the air around themselves he is able to travel between distant locations with extreme speed, though not to the degree of most Space-Time Ninjutsu. Notably though this technique is not effective at short distances, where it is outclassed by Elemental Phantom's standard performance. Furthermore, Nōsei has demonstrated that transporting additional individuals with this variation is much more costly than the negligible amount used for just himself. This is witnessed in his exhaustion after transporting both Hitori Koyama and Tokino Hanamitsu for a quick, but necessary, retreat. When performing the Godaidō Elemental Phantom wind will wrap around him before he seemingly fades from existence. While traveling in this way he is unable to be tracked through nearly any methods, as seen when the skilled sensor Tokino stated that his presence disappears completely while using this ability.

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