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Empyrean Shakujō
Name Empyrean Shakujō
Kanji 天上界錫杖
Rōmaji Tenjōkai Shakujō
User(s) Kintaro Uchiha

The Empyrean Shakujō or known in the dub as the Heaven Acolyte Staff or simply the Empyrean Staff is a Shakujo that Originally belonged to Indra Ōtsutsuki. Indra created it in an attempt to mimic the effects of the famed Bashōsen that his father once possessed. After his death Indra's children sealed the staff away in an underground shrine within the Land of Spirits. Centuries later it would be uncovered by a young Kintaro Uchiha. It is said the staff was imbued with the essence and chakra from the phoenix that resided in Eden, a garden that once resided in the Land of Ancestors mountains before animals started eating the god tree's fruits.


The staff appears in a typical form of a shakujo with the only difference being in the headpiece. The headpiece appears as two opposite facing crescents with one inside the other forming a sunlike formation.


The staff is indestructable, made from wood of the same tree the Gunbai was made from it is one of several Uchiha treasures passed down within the clan. This staff specifically can use the Fire Release, Lightning Release, and Wind Release as well as Yin Release, Yang Release, and Yin–Yang Release natures. The staff is strong and is able to absorb chakra and convert it similar to the gunbai. A user can cast genjutsu with it and manipulate lifeforce as well. It is extremely strong and durable, able to completely obliterate a large portion of a meters thick wall with a single hit.


It is noted unless someone is of Hagoromo's or Hamura's Bloodlines using this staff will drain alot of the user's chakra. Even though not to an extent as the Bashōsen, it is still ill advised for a user from a non Six Paths lineage to use it excessively in battle.

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