Name En'enra
Kanji 煙々羅
Romanji En'enra
Personal Status
Birthdate September 20
Age 26
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 116 lbs
Blood Type O-
Hometown Konohagakure
Home Country Land of Fire
Affiliation Akatsuki
Previous Affiliation Manjidomoe's Botanical Gardens
Occupation Unknown
Previous Occupation Botanist
Team Akatsuki
Previous Team None
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner None
Family Deceased
Rank None
Classification Missing-Nin
Ninja Registration None
Academy Grad. Age None
Chūnin Prom. Age None
Jōnin Prom. Age None
Hiden Techniques Death God's Grace
Nature Type Earth Release
Fire Release
Jutsu Unknow
Weapons Pipe

En'enra (煙々羅, Enenra) is a Missing-nin formerly affiliated with Konohagakure who is currently a member of the Akatsuki. En'enra has also affiliated himself with the Cult of the Death God, joining its ranks following his self-exile of Konoha where he has become one of its strongest members.

Personality Edit

En'enra is emotionless and stoic, unmoved by any force other than that of the Death God. En'enra sees himself as a meager tool for the Death God to wield and is strong willed when it comes to matters involving his religion. Willing to cut down any being who speaks wrongfully of his God, En'enra was guilty of slaughtering an entire fishing village in a single night after he was called a "religious fool". En'enra shows little respect to anyone, only those who are truly powerful gaining any sort of recognition.

What remained of his former self is no more, having become a religious acolyte whose only purpose was to cause suffering and pain, which would eventually lead to his joining of the reincarnated organization known as the Akatsuki. Ample power and a place in the world would put the Cult of the Death God on the map and they knew his. En'enra was picked to seek out the leader and join on the sole reason that he was immensely loyal to his God. It was this loyalty that lead to En'enra killing all of them, on grounds of heresy, believing that the Death God needed help from such weaklings such as themselves. En'enra joined with his reasoning being "to gain power in the name of the Death God".

En'enra has no enjoyments in life, other then prayer and self-sacrifice. Willing to die for his beliefs, En'enra has openly said that no pain is too much to endure. Being granted the grace of the Death God, mortal wounds no longer effected En'enra further placing him alongside his God and idol.

Appearance Edit

En'enra is a tall young man with long blonde colored hair and pale colorless eyes. Prior to receiving the blessing of the Death God, En'enra's skin was once full of life but has since become pale and white. En'enra does not wear the standard Akatsuki apparel; instead dawning clothing more suitable to his tastes. This includes a teal kimono with several blends of green and purple as well as golden trinkets that are laced onto the raiment. En'enra has pointed ears and red markings along his face that match the red nail polish on his fingers and toes. He is commonly seen with a thin pipe in his mouth, smoking an unknown type of herb that he had grown accustomed to when working at the Botanical Gardens.

History Edit

Abilities Edit

En'enra is a man with little shinobi training outside of joining the Cult of the Death God; although he has proven to have excelled far beyond most common ninja. En'enra is known for his natural endurance, capable of taking non-human amounts of damage without any signs of strain or physical pain. Prior to joining the Akatsuki, En'enra was confronted by Konohagakure ANBU Black Ops members who confronted him with poisoned tipped blades. After taking several dozen hits from these numbing blades, En'enra lifted himself up and managed to kill each ANBU member. En'enra claims that he feels no pain due to the veil of the Death God that watches over him.

After his blessing from the Death God, En'enra's chakra levels sky rocketed to monstrous levels. At this point, En'enra rivals even that of a Tailed Beast although he does not carry the burden of being in conflict with the beast. En'enra's chakra is said to come directly from that of the Death God placing him at near limitless levels, although this does not mean he cannot collapse from over-exertion.

En'enra is impossible to break mentally or physically, having trained his very being to endure torture on any scale. Several powerful sealing techniques marked into his brain have also made it impossible for an outside source to indulge into the secrets of the Death God. To En'enra, letting the knowledge of his God fall into the hands of the enemy is the ultimate sin, forcing him to create personal barriers to fend off interrogation techniques.

Ninjutsu Edit

En'enra is highly skilled in the art of Ninjutsu, being well versed in both Fire and Earth techniques. Capable of creating large streams of flames for offense and erect stone walls for defense, En'enra has proven to be a dangerous foe. For a person without formal Ninjutsu training, En'enra is quite skilled and surpasses many in this field. His signature technique, Fire Release: Searing Annihilation is capable of burning right to the bone of his targets and is feared for its potency.

With the assistance of the Death God's chakra, En'enra has attained a higher form of Shape Manipulation and Nature Transformation; transcending the bounds of mortality and stepping into the plane of immortality. Capable of quelling the rage within the flames, En'enra created the Fire Meditating Palm which is a medical technique that focuses on the light application of fire to singe closed wounds.

Capable of using several S-Ranked techniques such as the Shadow Clone Technique to create dozens of clones of himself; En'enra skilfully applies this advanced clone variant into combat, essentially making himself a one man army. His knowledge of Ninjutsu is quite vast and spreads through the prized techniques of several Hidden Villages. En'enra is not unfamiliar with many techniques in the world, other than ones that were specifically created by the user and even those he may have heard of.

Due to his insane chakra levels, En'enra can perform astounding Ninjutsu with little effort other than strain on his chakra levels which normally remain at a steady flow.

Fūinjutsu & Shinigami abilities Edit

Death God

The signature technique granted to him by the blessing of the Death God allows En'enra to weave into his opponents very soul. A powerful Sealing Technique that brands the soul of the target, which can lead to major underlying effects of the body itself, En'enra was granted this technique after proving himself loyal and signing a contract with the Death God himself. An intricate and impossible-to-break seal is inscribed along En'enra's body and can only be released by the Death God. This seal virtually acts as the link between En'enra and his God.

Activating the seal turns En'enra himself into a Shinigami (死神, (god of) death). His hair becomes black and tainted chakra releases from his body. His arms become engulfed in dark chakra and take a skeletal shape while black wings sprout from his back. His kimono rips and becomes blackened as well. From his head, sprout two elongated ears that enhanced his sensory to animalistic levels.

This Shinigami-state grants En'enra enhanced attributes far beyond most humans even granting him flight as a result. His ability to utilize standard Ninjutsu is sealed off at the cost of manipulating that of the Death God's own chakra which can be used to create efflorescent ghostly tools to annihilate his targets. En'enra grows weary when entering this state and requires a full two months to recover, leaving him relying on this state as a last ditch effort.

The technique known as One-Hundred-Year-Old Sealing Technique: Resting Prayer can only be performed by En'enra in this state, allowing him to seal the soul of a target away. Direct contact is needed, along with ample time to remove and seal the soul. The process is entirely similar to the Dead Demon Consuming Seal although differs in some aspects.

Trivia Edit

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