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Essence of the Beasts
Essence of the Beast
Name Essence of the Beasts
Kanji さ魂獣の
Classification Supplementary
Rank S
Range Short
Other Jutsu

As the clan Hiden of the powerful Natoro, Essence of the Beasts is guarded for good reason. It allows the user to tap into the "essence" of animals in order to gain certain characteristics and enhance certain strengths. Any animal or insect may be used for this purpose, but every member has at least one "animal of preference". The animal of preference is the animal, or insect, that has either always with the member and a strong bond exists between the two or a pact or agreement has been formed between the two. Due to the bond, or pact, that exists between a Natoro and their animal of preference, they are able to achieve levels of strength that most only dream of. Every member of the clan travels with their animal of preference as the only way to use the technique is to touch the animal in question and as such many of the animals are trained for use in combat. Despite it being possible to have more than one animal of preference, most Natoro have only one.

While it is possible to gain the characteristics of animals or insects besides the user's animal of preference, the user would not be as proficient with the new abilities due to the fact that they aren't accustomed to the changes brought on by that specific animal.

The technique has no ill effects on the animal but it slowly begins to influence the personality of the user, for example, a clan member who specializes in wolves may be a bit more feral and pack oriented than a user who specializes in birds. In the case of those who have mastered the technique, they may take on the physical characteristics of their animal. Enabling a user who's animal of preference is a beetle the gain the thick armor of the beetle or a user who's animal of preference is an eagle to gain wings. The downside of the higher level technique is that it slowly creates a split personality inside the user, their original personality and a personality similar to that of their animal of preference.

The technique is closely guarded by the Natoro and in addition the clan Kekkei Genkai is required to be able to employ the technique, making impossible for any shinobi outside the Natoro to use the technique.

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