Eye of Yin
Name Eye of Yin
Kanji 陰の目
Literal English "Yin Eye"
Classification Telepathic Ability
Range Short-range
Other Jutsu
The Eye of Yin (陰の目, "Ingan") is an ability possessed by Isamu, having been developed trough the assistance of many skilled members of Root; working with ways to make use of Isamu's natural telepathy to the greatest possible degree; this ability alone made him feared among his fellow Root members and shunned by all who knew about him; the Eye of Yin has a very specific function, to allow Isamu to instantly dig down into the deepest recesses of the mind and summon forth their worst feelings and most gruesome memories; forcing them to relive them completely, with the associated emotions and impressions left in the original case --- multiplied tenfold by the suggestive properties of the ability itself. The psychological effects of the Eye of Yin is so incredibly powerful that it completely overrides the normal mental state of the subject; even if he or she is a mass murderer of great proportion who kills for fun, the Eye of Yin will find the slightest speck of humanity, intensify it, and turn it against the target with such ferocity that it leaves long-lasting psychologicall trauma, not unlike the tremendous psychological trauma left by the Genjutsu Tsukuyomi; like the latter technique, the Eye of Yin requires direct eye-contact in order to work.

Trough this ability, Isamu has witnessed countless Shinobi, murderers and thieves kneel down infront of him, and begging to be executed or imprisoned for their misdeeds; the technique takes affect almost immediately, but the actual degree of effectiveness varies upon how long direct eye-contact was maintained; a mere glance at the eye of Yin, while inducing great mental stress, fatigue and erratic thought patterns is nothing an experienced Jonin cannot handle, and he or she might even be capable of resisting it outright if such a brief contact was made; the actual time needed to induce a full effect varies from person to person; some may require merely a brief look, others may require several seconds of direct eye-contact; up until this date though; no one have managed to resist the effects of the Eye of Yin for more than four seconds without succumbing to its full effects.

Despite its great power, this ability can be rather easily defended against by very mundane means; a simple smokescreen prevents the subject from seeing Isamu's eyes, and vice versa and therefore provides cover for the Eye of Yin, similiar results may be achieved by closing ones eyes before eye-contact is established - although such an action is ill-advised due to obvious reasons; as a result of its requirement, this ability doesn't work on blind people or others whom are under the circumstances incapable of seeing, as an extension.

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