Second Entry: Eyes, by Teruo Kōtaishi

Whew, my second entry. It's been awhile since I last touched this thing. Well, not much has changed since then. Kabuto is still an ass. I was completely unaware that Kabuto had taken me first entry and gave it to Orochimaru-sama. I still have no clue what he would do with it. I'm guessin' that Kabuto read it since he's always giving me dirty looks followed by an apathetic shrug or a your-so-stupid kind of grin. Anyway, since Orochimaru-sama is going to read this I better write more about him (haha).

Today, he was..different, very different. His mannerisms, posture, facial expression even his aura was slightly off. There was no session, like the many prior. No frequent visits, no comments, absolutely nothing. He kept pacing around, muttering about something. For awhile, I thought I was finished. I mean, well, I tried to talk with him, but he just gave me this look. A disturbing grimace, that was even worse than Kabuto's, it made me feel uneasy to say the least. I got this feeling in my gut that something would happen; something terrible.

Earlier, that day I went outside and watched a beautful rainbow overhead. The flood of colors and peaceful warmth it had overwhelmed my body. I immediately felt calm. It was my first rainbow I had ever seen. It was marvelous, a great sight to behold especially with how unsual that day was. Orochimaru-sama and Kabuto left early that day for some silly reason. My entire home was re-located to this underground base because Orochimaru-sama didn't want me to be in Otogakure anymore. He said we would come back soon, but for the time being, I shouldn't be there. I like it. It's nice and cozy, or atleast at first it felt that way. Orochimaru-sama told me not go looking around anywhere. I followed this order...for like an hour. Hey, I'm human.

Looking around I seen alot of things. Papers and papers all with jutsu on it, and numerous directions and maps scattered about. I read some of the maps. Some were maps to place I've never heard before like Sunagakure. From what it looked like, that place is horrible. Sand everywhere and the blazing hot sun made living there uncomfortable. Thats why I like it here. Nice and cozy and warm, but not to warm and marvelous rainbows that take your breath away. Another place was Konohagakure (I think I spelled it right). I've heard Orochimaru-sama say that place before a couple of times. It seems like a nice place, maybe I'll visit there with Orochimaru-sama when I'm older.

Most of all, I seen this weird hand symbol on Orochimaru-sama's desk. The hand seals were cool, I liked it. I tried to do the jutsu a couple of times, but I could never muster the chakra to do it. Maybe, I didn't have the right equipment or material. On his desk it said something about grave-robbing but I ignored that part too. The seals went, Tiger, Snake, Dog, Dragon, and then you clap yours hands together. The jutsu seemed to be a fancy one alright.

When Orochimaru-sama left he said something about those eyes being splendid. It seemed like he was looking on a moniter, like he was testing somebody or waiting for them to do something. The guy he was observing had black hair, and black clothing. He kept saying that word, "splendid growth". He's never said that to me before, so maybe it means something. Hopefully, maybe, this guy is another student of Orochimaru-sama. I would like to make a friend.

That guys eyes. I can't forget them. His eyes linger in my mind, constantly watching me. Burning into me. His eyes mean something. Like he wants something, or more like, he wants to prove something. I can't tell what though. He seems like a cool guy though and I can't wait to meet him. When I snuck on Orochimaru-sama he was watching the kid in the middle of training. He had a smile on his face. I've never seen him smile like that before. Know that I think about it, Orochimaru-sama has been paying less and less attention to me. In all truth, maybe I'm jealous of this guy. I mean, the way that Orochimaru-sama looked at him, sigh. Sometimes he doesn't even look in my direction. Sometime I feel like he would just want to leave me...just like my parents did. I can't let him leave me though. Just like that kid, I have something to prove. His eyes are my eyes. And I must prove to Orochimaru that I can be acknowledged. I just don't know how yet. Now, I'm starting to wonder why Orochimaru-sama ever took me in and raised me; I know he's a nice guy, but lately, I just don't know anymore. 'Til next time, Teruo.

P.S. When I woke up this morning, I had these black markings all over my body and face. I felt this intense rush all-over my body. My chakra was flunctuating crazily and I couldn't control it. No one noticed but me, but I think I took out a good chunk of the wall earlier just by leaning on it. Every single limb I had had chakra pouring out rapidly. It was weird...

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