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Fókǒu Shéxīn
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Kanji 佛口蛇心
Romaji Buddha's mouth and a serpent's heart
Leader(s) Echo (Huáng Lóng)


Though the time of when Fókǒu Shéxīn was formed is unknown to the history books, however most of the elders speak of it first being blamed for a string of murders shortly after the Four-Shinobi War. Not many are around to to speak about the organization, thus when one that has see them chooses to speak others choose to listen. What has been pieced together is that they are a small group of tightly woven assassins-for-hire. Despite this, there is little loyalty between the members. Some think that the leader gains his/her position by killing off the person before them. Additionally, there is a deep loyalty to keep the organization strong and to uphold the code of silents.

Mark of The BrotherhoodEdit


The system of ranking with in the Fókǒu Shéxīn is not completely known it is believed that there is a head leader that over sees the general of each country. Under each general is a network of LTs and soldiers.

Huáng Lóng​ (黃龍, "Yellow Dragon") is the supreme leaders of the organization. He over sees all missions and tasks requested of Fókǒu Shéxīn. Xuán Wǔ (玄武, "Black Tortoise") is one of the four generals. He/she over sees the actives that take place in the northern areas of the world. Members of this sub-group have training that is geared more to infiltration and stealth. Qīng Lóng (青龍, "Azure Dragon") is another of the four generals. He/she over sees the activities of the eastern areas within the world. Members of this sub-group are trained in the skills of negotiations and torture. Zhū Què (朱雀, "Vermilion Bird") is one of the four generals. He/she over sees all actions in the southerns areas. Members of this group have skills that protein to demolitions and explosions. Bái Hǔ (白虎, "White Tiger") is the last of the four generals. He/she over sees the western world. Members under this group are greatly skilled in warfare and combative.

Each general has the power to decide on the missions and actions that his members are sent on. However, members are not restricted to their own areas. They can travel about and assist other generals in the successful completion and payment of missions. It is suspected that a member from each group is placed together in a four man team to insure they complete the missions.

Member ListEdit


Huáng Lóng: Echo


Xuán Wǔ:

Qīng Lóng:

Zhū Què:

Bái Hǔ:

Lower Level MembersEdit

Tortoise MembersEdit

Dragon MembersEdit

Bird MembersEdit

Tiger MembersEdit


  • The design associated with with the Fókǒu Shéxīn was designed by Snoopydoo, all credit goes to him.

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