Feng Shui Art:Apocalypse Light
Name Feng Shui Art:Apocalypse Light
Kanji 風水芸術・黙示録の軽量
Literal English Feng Shui Art:Apocalypse Light
Classification Kinjutsu
Space-Time Ninjutsu
Rank S
Range Long-Range
Hand Seals Technique specific hand seal
Other Jutsu

The casting time required for this technique depends on the environment and the medium used which in this case can be the sun and the moon. Being associated with the Yin-Yang chakra affinity, the destructive potential of this technique may become a reality without having to originate from the 'void' from which it descends. Should there exist clouds in the sky, this technique may be utilized without a second's notice by simply utilizing the foreign kata; however should the sky be devoid of clouds, then this technique requires the caster to 'tear open a rift in the space-time continuum' in order to call forth this calamity which takes a large amount of chakra and stamina. On top of this should the caster wish it, they may 'single' out members in the radius and spare them from the Apocalypase Light's wrath, although this requires additional chakra to be expended.

The Apocalypse takes the form of a brightly-emanating pillar of compressed chakra originating from the 'rift' opened by the original initiation of this technique, descending instantaneously following its summoning and decimating all organic substances within its relatively large radius (approx. 20m) into nothingness, the mass of energy capable of reducing even ash to thin air.

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