Feng Shui Art:Impure Genesis
Name Feng Shui Art:Impure Genesis
Kanji 風水芸術・不純創世
Literal English Feng Shui Art:Impure Genesis
Classification Kinjutsu
Space-Time Ninjutsu
Rank S
Range All Ranges
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand Seal
Other Jutsu

When executing the hand seal required for this technique, long chains of kanji inscribed onto darkly-shaded sheets of chakra are conjured around him. This is the results of the shaman talisman s he summons to his person. After finishing the sequence, an unfathomable amount of chakra equivalent to, or in some cases, exceeding that of a Tailed Beast Bomb, engulfs an area in a massive spherical shockwave resulting in cataclysmic destruction to all contained within its widespread blast radius; it can be compared to a greater version of a wide-scale Shinra Tensei. When it is successfully performed however, it is capable of obliterating a large portion of an expansive village , or in the cases of smaller villages, is capable of completely wiping them off of the continent. However like all Feng Shui Arts side-effects,it leaves the user virtually drained

Alternatively no hand seals can be used for more combat-ideal techniques to be properly utilized. For example, the user can conjure seal engulfs an area in a massive spherical shockwave or wrap a singular target in three seals and cause an explosion to occur within by simply facing their palm at it.

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