Feng Shui Art: Shamanic Curse
Name Feng Shui Art: Shamanic Curse
Kanji 風水芸術・シャーマン悪態
Literal English Feng Shui Art: Shamanic Curse
Classification Kinjutsu
Space-Time Ninjutsu
Rank S
Range Short-Range
Hand Seals Technique Specific Hand-Seal
Other Jutsu

This technique can only be utilized when the opponent has a talisman somewhere on their body. Shinjiro then utilizes a foreign kata to cause the talisman to rapidly de-materialize and fuse with the host's body until it forms into a dense substance which circulates around their body, intoxicating their organs and disturbing their nervous system. Their body is entrapped within purple-shaded binds.

It forces the host's vital organs to work in reverse disabling movement, additionally allowing Shinjiro as the technique's initiator to seal away all of their chakra in the form of kanji-runes.

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