Feng Shui Arts
Name Feng Shui Arts
Kanji 風水芸術
Literal English Feng Shui Arts
Classification Fūinjutsu
Barrier Ninjutsu
Rank S
Range All ranges
Hand Seals All
Other Jutsu

Feng Shui Art (風水芸術, Fūsui Geijutsu) techniques are unique only to their creator, Shinjiro Uzumaki. The majority of the techniques contained within this unique style's arsenal make simutaneous use of Yin and Yang chakra, derivitives of Yin-Yang Release. This style enables the caster to create powerful barriers and seals, as well as granting them access to much more notable abilities, however most notably they are given the destructive power to both breath life and take it. All of these techniques are S-rank and kinjutsu because of their destructive potential. The Uzumaki Elder says to Shinjiro Uzumaki to never use them unless necessary.

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