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Fire Release: Blazing Gigs
Name Fire Release: Blazing Gigs
Kanji 火遁・爛爛公演
Classification Offensive
Rank A-Rank
Range Mid-to-Long
Hand Seals Dragon > Horse > Bird > Dog > Tiger
Other Jutsu

Fire Release: Blazing Gigs (火遁・爛爛公演, Katon: Ranran Kōen) is an extremely powerful and highly advanced Fire Release jutsu, which is taught by the Kaburagi Clan, and their specialty. The user generates a spiral of flame upon their palm, before using shape transformation to configure it into a hand-sized fireball, stabilizing it for a brief moment. Immediately after, the user must apply shape transformation to the fireball once again, mixing their own blood into the fireball. This second shape transformation causes the fireball to compress and decompress rapidly constantly, and as a result, it could be potentially deadly to hold the flame for more than ten seconds, as the flames spread like a miniature inferno. The moment that the user launches it at their foe, the fireball shapes itself into a gigantic fūma shuriken, which spins at tremendous speeds, drastically increasing its already potentially lethal cutting power. Blazing Gigs can destroy any traces of darkness in the area with its intensely bright flame; and it carries incredible force when in flight; able to demolish several structures that obstruct the technique's path from its foe.

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