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Fire Release: Interdiction
Name Fire Release: Interdiction
Kanji 火遁・禁止
Classification Offensive
Rank B
Range Close Range
Hand Seals Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse
Other Jutsu

The Fire Release: Interdiction is essentially the counterpart of the Lightning Release: Infernal Breaker. It begins with the kneading of chakra within the user's body, as typical of the elemental release, and surrounds the user's selected fist in roaring flames. Because the chakra is being released through the user's pores, the flames do not burn his/her skin. The flames are generally delivered as a devastating punch that deals aggressive burns; though the chakra current could be deviated and engulf other body parts for a sleight of fiery blows. Kyogi commonly utilizes this technique in conjunction with the Infernal Breaker, engulfing each fist with either flame or lightning, and assaulting the opponent with his trademark Beatdown Fist.

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