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Fire Release: Phoenix Bullet Technique
Phoenix Bullet
Name Fire Release: Phoenix Bullet Technique
Kanji 火遁・凰弾の術
Classification Offensive
Rank B-rank
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Tiger → Horse → Ram →
Bird → Snake → Dog → Tiger
Other Jutsu
The user kneads a great amount of chakra into flames which are then manipulated into the shape of a massive bird. The "fire bird" in question can then be guided into targets at a remarkable velocity, bursting into a powerful blaze upon contact with a target. This technique is commonly performed indirectly, launching the flames into the sky before it is commanded towards a target below. Additionally, it has been demonstrated that the flames of this technique can be guided in more complex paths, if the user's skill is great enough. This permits this technique to bypass simple barriers and attack from alternative angles, maximizing the efficiency of the practitioner's chakra and cutting off opponent's from escaping. As this technique requires that the user not only conjure and shape the flames, but manipulate the technique remotely, its usage is incredibly limited and is rarely witnessed.

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