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Nature Icon Fire Fire Release: Red Eagle or Seika
Rosuto's Seika flames
Name Nature Icon Fire Fire Release: Red Eagle or Seika
Kanji 火遁 レッドイーグル
Rank S-rank
Range All ranges
Hand Seals Tiger
Other Jutsu

Fire Release: Red Eagle (火遁 レッドイーグル, Katon: Reddoīguru), sometimes called Seika (聖火, Sacred Fire) is an exceedingly powerful S-rank Fire Release technique invented by Rosuto Nagakura; being the jutsu which earned him his moniker within and outside Kirigakure. Although a fire-type jutsu, Rosuto also applies the basic function of his Smoke Release as well, making the Smoke Release: Corrosive Gas a by-product of this technique.

The user compresses a large amount of chakra built up inside their body and changes it into an eagle-like shape which forms behind them wreathed in flame and smoke. When these flames are accessed, the sky darkens and the very environment around Rosuto's person is surrounded in scorching flames and corrosive gas. His every movement seems to ignite an epic blaze with him at the center, granting even further ash for him to utilize as part of his Ash Release ninjutsu.

The effects of the jutsu are wide-reaching and very beneficial, as the jutsu can be used in two distinct methods as well as appealing to both of Rosuto's Hiden-jutsu.

1) The first is an offensive one-shot technique were the created eagle is sent hurtling towards a target, incinerating everything before it. Like a similar fire release jutsu, Seika has a high temperature, as the flames can create an upward movement of air currents which in turn can give rise to thunder clouds.
2) The second usage is of a supplementary nature. Fire itself holds tremendous energy even when not created through Chakra. By turning the summoned eagle back on himself and absorbing the flames that sustain the creation into his own body again as Chakra, Rosuto can blow past his previous limits and reach amazing levels of physical strength - surpassing that of the Eight Gates. This also allows him to rejuvenate himself temporarily, though this second use begins to break down his body due to the influx of power.

Drawbacks Edit

The drawbacks of the jutsu are quite apparent. When used offensively, the Chakra drain is quite notable even for someone of Rosuto's level; making it a one-use-only technique regardless of circumstance. The second is the detrimental effects associated with the second usage of the jutsu. The influx of energy begins to break down the users body shortly after activation, making the power-up gained a temporary one. If death doesn't met the user after use then hospitalization for extended periods does.

Known Users Edit

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