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Fire Release: Ruination
Name Fire Release: Ruination
Kanji 火遁 ・荒廃
Classification Offensive
Rank S
Range Long Range
Hand Seals Snake → Dragon → Tiger→ Ox → Snake → Dog
Other Jutsu
Fire Release: Ruination is an extremely powerful ninjutsu derived from two signature arts of Kyogi's making: The Fire Release: Malefic Inferno and the Lightning Release: Infernal Breaker. It is unique in the fact that it combines both the elements of Fire and Lightning, and as such has the potential for unrivaled devastation. It begins through the conjuration of the Malefic Inferno by kneading chakra within the body. To this, the Infernal Breaker's lightning is channeled and the destructive energy is orally expelled as a flurry of dancing flames and bolts. Ruination has the potential to wreak absolute havoc upon the target, and is primarily utilized during combat situations where the user is surrounded or when the user is assaulting a Hidden Village; in which the technique can rend through several buildings. The chakra consumed by the ninjutsu is enormous, making it a one-shot tactic even despite Kyogi's Reserves.

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