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Fire Release: Sacred Fire Barrier Wall is an article created by Kazeyo (風夜). Explicit permission, from the aforementioned creator, is required to utilize or alter the content found on this page.

Fire Release: Sacred Fire Barrier Wall
Name Fire Release: Sacred Fire Barrier Wall
Kanji 火遁・神火隔壁
Rōmaji Katon: Shinka Kakuheki
Rank B-rank
Hand Seals Ram → Boar → Dog → Bird → Tiger
Range Short-range
Type Ninjutsu
Classification Defensive, Supplementary
Chakra Nature Nature Icon Fire Fire Release
User(s) Hitori Koyama
Nanase Uchiha
This technique allows the user to create a wall of fire at a wide angle in front of the user that can intercept most attacks due to the force and intensity of the rising flames. After the performing the necessary hand seals the user will expel intense torrent flames from their mouth that will expand upward with surprising might into the shape of a wall. The force generate by this technique is enough to knock back most opponents as well as deliver dangerous burns.

Unlike Water Release: Water Encampment Wall, a technique using similar shape manipulation, Sacred Fire Barrier Wall doesn't require constant chakra to be maintained an will burn for several minutes on its own. As such it is easier to utilize this technique in collaboration with wind based ninjutsu, though this also makes the user vulnerable to wind when the user isn't inputting chakra, which will usually eliminate such techniques with ease.

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