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Fire Release: Single Point Burst
Name Fire Release: Single Point Burst
Classification Offensive
Rank A
Range Short, Mid, Long
Hand Seals Horse, Dragon, Rat, Bird
Other Jutsu

The user targets a single point on their opponent or in the environment and gathers fire nature chakra in the palm of their hand, condensing it rapidly into a small orb. The condensed chakra is then fired at high speed towards the point that was selected, reaching it quickly, and will either detonate upon impact or at the user’s command. The projectile may also be formed in other areas besides the hands, creating the possibility for surprise attacks. This projectile is controlled and directed by the user but the high speeds at which it travels makes it impossible to turn at anything other than right angles. The projectile nature of this attack means that it can be thrown off target by a strong gust of wind or shot down with another projectile by a skillful opponent. If it is reinforced at the cost of additional chakra by the user it can be used as a homing missile, given a chakra signature to find and punching through most obstacles to reach its target.

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