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Five Elements Imperial Seal
Name Five Elements Imperial Seal
Kanji 五行帝封印
Literal English Five Elements Imperial Seal
Classification Supplementary
Rank S-rank
Range Short
Hand Seals Technique specific hand seals
Other Jutsu
The Five Elements Imperial Seal (五行帝封印, Gogyō Teifūin) is an immensely powerful variant of the Five Elements Seal developed by Tokino Hanamitsu as a means of sealing powerful chakra based entities away. After performing the necessary hand seals, which appear to be unique to this technique, the fūinjutsu will disrupt the flow of chakra in the target before they're immersed in golden flames, which draw the target its living or nonliving host. This seal appears to be incredibly efficient due to the methodology that the sealing is executed. Despite this since its designed to seal away a chakra entity completely, the Five Elements Imperial Seal wouldn't be able to create a viable jinchūriki without modification.

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