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Floral Release
Flora Icon
Kanji 植遁
Literal English Flora Icon Floral Style
Other Jutsu

Floral Release (植遁, Shokuton) is a rare and powerful advanced kekkei genkai that mostly exists in the Shizen Clan of Getsugakure as they are thought to be distant relatives of the legendary Senju Clan, however, due to the diluted blood, the Floral Release is nowhere near as strong as the Wood Release. The shinobi who can use this nature transformation are known as Shinobi that are in-tune with Nature itself as they are masters of altering terrain to their advantge. Floral Release is strong against Water, Earth, Wind, and Yang Release, but it is weak against Fire, Lightning, and Yin Release.

Users of Floral Release can create and manipulate most, if not all forms of plantlife to use it to their advantage. Unlike Wood Release, the user can control any source of plant-life to their advantage. They can use a plant's natural attributes and magnify its effects for greater potency. Masters of this technique can even create new plant-life by supplying the Earth with a portion of their chakra and even acheive photosynthesis. With Floral Release on their side, masters become helpful allies or deadly opponents in almost every environment.

Contrary to popular belief, Floral Release and Wood Release are not the same elements with different names. For example, a shinobi who possesses Wood Release can create wooden structures with their own cells, while a Floral Release user, however, must use existing plants around them or grow them out of the ground.

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