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Forest Release
Tree making skills
Name Forest Release
Kanji 森遁
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Forest Release (森遁, Shinton) is an advanced nature kekkei tōta, an advanced version of kekkei genkai, which is created by combining Earth, Water, and Yang natures. The techniques of this nature allow the user to create, manipulate, and control high density of trees, and by extension allows the creation and manipulation of wood. By utilizing the life giving properties of the Yang Release, the user can breathe life into trees and accelerate their growth, allowing one to create a single or a large number of trees. Techniques that consists of creating and manipulating trees are called Forest Release Techniques (森遁の術, Shinton no Jutsu). Makoto Shiryu is the only one, who is capable of utilizing this unique form of chakra nature. Being the originator of the ability, Makoto has displayed a variety of unique skills and abilities, such as being able to control vines, create or grow any type of tree he desires, and even manipulate plant life to a certain degree. He is a highly sought out individual, due to his unique ability to use these technique, and has been constantly pursued ever since word of his forest release abilities reached the five great shinobi nations. Forest Release techniques are highly versatile elemental techniques, with the ability to completely reshape the battlefield to one’s own advantage. The Forest Release Nature is very similar to the First Hokage’s Wood Release Nature, though it is unknown if the two natures are related to one another.

Trivia Edit

  • A forest is a dense collection of trees, which are made of wood.
  • The idea for this release is based on User:Omnibender's table of possible releases.
  • This kekkei tota was created to be an alternative to the Wood Release, due to the fact that Wood Release was only unique to the First Hokage himself.