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Four Gates Sealing Terrain Technique
Name Four Gates Sealing Terrain Technique
Other Jutsu

Four Gates Sealing Terrain Technique This technique requires a scroll on which a blueprint of a particular area will be mapped. When activated, it causes four giant gates to emerge north, east, south, and west of the targeted area. Afterwards, the gates will form a barrier around the area. This barrier has a very high durability, anything that makes contact with it will immediately be engulfed in flames.

Next the blueprint used to summon the Four Gates will automatically trigger a second set of blueprint drawn on the map with special ink. The second blueprints will show the terrain of any other location drawn on it example the user could summon a village or even a large mountain area from any location as long as the blueprints are perfect. Normally Takuma summons a large mountain range that is extremely high in magnetic ores and iron deposits.

Once the area is summon the user can place them selfs in already set up hiding spots even traps can be place in the area so to ambush the opponents. The user can even use there own chakra and paint in a hiding spot or a number of other obstacle to attack his opponents. The only way to destroy the jutsu is to burn the scroll the blueprints are drawn on or kill the user.

Known Users Edit

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