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Fragment Shuriken
Name Fragment Shuriken
User(s) Kakushi Ken

Fragment Shuriken are one of many weapons created by Kakushi Ken, these innovative projectiles are identical to generic shuriken in appearance but exponentially more useful. Once thrown the bladed weapons tear through the air with speed similar to that of typical Shuriken before detonating on impact or at the command of the user. Upon detonation countless fragments of jagged metal intended to shred through flesh and anything within a 5 meter radius. These weapons have an effective kill zone of 5 meters and a maiming range of 15 meters, anything beyond the 15 meter range will receive no more than a harmless graze from contact with the fragments. Due to the nature of this weapon, it has the potential to harm others than the intended target if they are within the range. Like nearly every other weapon created by Kakushi, these may be imbued with chakra to increase their destructive power.

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