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The Free-form Fighting Style (自由形式の戦い後背, Jiyū Keishiki no Tatakai Kōhai) is a relatively new concept recently adopted by the Kazuki Clan as part of their training procedures. It is simply a form of acrobatics in which participants use cities and their urban landscape to perform movements through structures, or, in extreme cases, structures made by way of the Earth Release nature. The ones credited with its invention were Gray Kazuki and Kenji Nagakura, who practiced it growing up to aid their skills, though the idea was originally proposed by clansmen Shin Takahiro who subsequently took the first classes.

The sole purpose of the practice is to build on the muscle stimulation already gained through the Burittsuai: Zōdai jutsu to help clansmen better use the Unshūmusan style of Kenjutsu, as free-running and climbing use more muscles than one would use in the former training, thus making the trainee more physically powerful over all. There is also the plus that its use build ones physical capabilities while improving flexibility, speed, strength and cognitive processes; as some degree of forward planning is also required or you end up putting a foot wrong which can have dire consequences.

In addition, the practice can also benefit Chakra control should the user decide to incorporate general skills, such as that demonstrated in the Tree Climbing Practice or Water Surface Walking Practice.

As a Style Edit

As a fighting style, the Free-from approach is applied to the environment. Everything becomes a weapon, regardless of everyday use or apparent uselessness as such at first glance. The entire idea is to build the practitioner from the ground up to be a killing machine capable of adapting to any environment or situation quickly through analyzing, practice and execution and is incredibly useful for those in the Kazuki Clan born with no apparent talent in traditional Ninja arts, such as Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. This style may be used as Taijutsu or the more traditionally seen Kenjutsu, though some, such as Gray himself, utilize Kunai as a hidden blade and Shuriken with Exploding Tags to cause more damage in urban areas.

Derived Jutsu Edit

Behind the Scenes Edit

The concept began originally as an expansion of the tree climbing and water walking practice skills, though was later expanded to include strenuous physical activity in conjunction with the concentration. Elements were pulled from the free-running system seen in the Assassin's Creed series, along with the Free-form Fighting system seen mostly in The Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within.

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