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Wind Release: Zero Gravity Point
Name Wind Release: Zero Gravity Point
Other Jutsu

Wind Release: Zero Gravity Point Rank: B rank jutsu. A wind technique that allows the user to make a target ‘lose’ their gravity and place them in a zero gravity and zero friction zone, meaning the target loses any normal ability he has to react, such as dodging, countering… etc. This jutsu uses a high concentration of air and wind under a target to counter his weight. While using this technique, the user's body is coated by a form of wind. As a side effect, the body is that much more vulnerable to being blown or forced back from an attack or something with forceful power. The side effect is actually the added plus to this jutsu using this skill the user can deflect and even avoid all direct damage from physical or any brute force attack by being push away by the opponents own momentum.

Known Users Edit

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