—Come on now. Making something disappear and reappear is boring. The "in-thing" is switching one thing with another. Now that's what's cool.

Fuzoku Uzumaki (うずまきふぞく Uzumaki Fuzoku, lit:Whirlpool Enclosed) is one of the scattered remnants of the formerly powerful Uzumaki Clan and was known for his own unique techniques and affinity with the Earth Release Nature. Born as a prodigy who was anti-social and almost isolated even from his own clan. Before the decimation of his own clan however, he had escaped from Uzushiogakure and had hidden himself in Iwagakure. Blending himself with the Earth Ninja with his own mastery of Earth Release techniques, combined with his affinity for sealing techniques and his unusual Space-Time Ninjutsu, quickly gave him a position in the Iwagakure ANBU.

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Uzumaki Full

Fuzokus General Appearance

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