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Glass Release
Nature Icon Glass
Kanji 玻遁
Literal English Glass Release
Other Jutsu

Glass Release (玻遁, "Haton") is a kekkei tōta combining the elements of Earth, Lightning and Wind and is known to be used within the Majutsushi Clan. This kekkei tōta is quite rare in within the clan with there only being a few recorded cases of it manifesting.

Description Edit

The Glass Release is a special kekkei tota within the Majutsushi clan as it appears scarcely within the clan members, with there usually being two active members at any given time. Using it's power one is able to create clones, fire shards or create prisms to travel between as well as use if taught a seal away entities. The properties of this kekkei allow it to shred objects on a subatomic level as it is comprised of wind release chakra as well as being glass as well which adds to its cutting power. Users of this tota are feared on the battle field as they can easily turn the tide of battle if they have a a mastery over it.


  • Glass is an amorphous solid material. It is not considered a crystal because it doesn't present a characteristic crystalline molecular structure, hence its amorphous description.
  • This nature was inspired by User:Omnibender's elemental recomposition table.
  • Much of this article was worked on by User:Nisshou. Credit goes where credit is due.

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