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Name Godaidō
Kanji 五大道
Literal English Way of the Five Elements
Other Amatsuki (天月, "Heavenly Moon")
Classification Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Range All ranges
Other Jutsu
Godaidō (五大道, Literally: "Way of the Five Elements") is an advanced version of nature transformation, not to be confused with advanced chakra natures available with select bloodlines, developed by Hitsuyō no Mikoto as an extension of the Mikoto Clan's technique Chakra Weave. According to Hitsuyō normal nature transformation revolves around altering the properties of a user's chakra in order to mimic or forcefully control the elements. While such techniques have their place she determined that mimicking natural elemental forces, or even forcefully manipulating them, imposes extreme limitations on the degree of power an individual can wield. To this end she developed a method to alter the characteristics of Chakra Weave so that she could bind her energy with the natural forces around her. Her experimentation with this technique soon revealed that a individual can only manipulate the forces that correspond to the basic elemental natures they possess. Therefore, Hitsuyō only could wield this technique, which she had named Amatsuki (天月, "Heavenly Moon") at the time, with water. With Amatsuki Histuyō displayed to manipulate water in all of its forms in the surrounding area, permitting her nearly unrivaled levels of offensive and defensive potential if the environment possessed a suitable amount of water. Upon passing her knowledge of this technique down to her son, Nōsei, she renamed it Godaidō in order to represent its ability to affect more than water. Nōsei in turn has demonstrated the ability to create localized weather phenomena by controlling both natural wind and lightning.

Godaidō operates by infusing the user's chakra into the natural forces that correspond with their elemental nature. For example, Nōsei can utilize this technique in order to infuse his energy into the air around him due to his affinity for wind. Unlike elemental ninjutsu the infused chakra becomes seamlessly blended with its natural counterpart, permitting the user of manipulating elemental forces purely with their will. Additionally, while the user must expend chakra for the infusion process, manipulating the infused element doesn't require any chakra input and instead operates on a cascading effect triggered through pristine chakra manipulation. Thus the user can potentially utilize the infused element several times, though doing so will eventually cause the user's chakra to diffuse out of the natural element. The rate that the diffusion occurs is dependent of the complexity level of elemental manipulation performed. Users of this technique can also detect any disturbances, of both physical and spiritual varieties, within environment elements that are infused with chakra.

In addition to simply shaping and manipulating natural forces the users of Godaidō can also perform enhanced versions of their elemental ninjutsu. Such variations of techniques don't require more chakra their their normal counterparts, but are stressful on the user's body draining their stamina. This is due to the fact that such performances rely on temporarily drawing in natural forces into the user's chakra pathway system and reconfiguring the energy into the particular technique. Since the environmental energy isn't completely compatible with the body it applies a degree of stress to the user. This can quickly lead to exhaustion if such techniques aren't performed with care. It has be observed that repeatedly flowing natural elements through the body causes the user's the chakra to take on a more natural signature, especially in the case of Nōsei. It is currently unclear what this is an indication of, though it has been proposed that Nōsei's elemental chakra could gradually be refining itself to be more aligned with natural forces.

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