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Grasping Flow
Name Grasping Flow
Kanji 掌握流し
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Range All Ranges
Other Jutsu

This technique allows a user to move objects, seemingly through telekinesis, with normally invisible strands of wind chakra. Nōsei no Mikoto has demonstrated that this is normally accomplished by wrapping thin strands of wind chakra around an object. Once this has been done the user merely needs to exert control over their chakra in order to move objects.

It should be noted that unlike the chakra threads used by puppeteers this technique doesn't require contact between the user of the technique and object being manipulated. Despite this, the wind chakra in this technique is usually invisible to the unaided eye. Furthermore the an object bound by this technique is quite susceptible to Fire Release techniques, due to the wind chakra involved.

While it initially may seem as if this technique could be used to bind an opponent for an extended amount of time a moderate release of chakra from the body with disturb this technique enough to break it. Furthermore, Nōsei has demonstrated the ability to create sharp tendrils of wind with this technique that pierce targets instead of constricting them. This secondary method appears to be more difficult for living targets to break free of.

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