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Hōjō Sarutobi
Name Hōjō Sarutobi
Kanji 猿飛法情
Romanji Sarutobi Houjou
Personal Status
Birthdate 8th April
Age 35
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 68kg
Blood Type AB
Hometown Konohagakure SymbolKonohagakure
Home Country 70px-Land of Fire Symbol.svg Land of Fire
Affiliation Akatsuki Symbol Akatsuki
Previous Affiliation Konohagakure
Classification S-Rank
Ninja Registration Unknown
Academy Grad. Age 7
Chūnin Prom. Age 10
Jōnin Prom. Age 15
Nature Type Yang Release
Jutsu Binding Snake Glare Spell
Hidden Shadow Snake Hands
Many Hidden Shadow Snake Hands
Summoning Technique (Snakes)
Twin Snake Mutual Death Technique
Snake Coiling Technique
Venom Finger Injection
Snake Formation: Yamata-no-Orochi
Snake Formation: Naga King
Contract Seal
Generic Sealing Technique
Five Elements Seal
Five Elements Unseal
Physical Seal: Strength Draining
Mental Seal: Chakra Drain
Chakra Seal: Release
Weaponry Seal: Explosion
Weaponry Seal: ShatterStorage Seal
Finger Carving Seal
Cursed Seal: Possession
Cursed Seal
Cursed Seal: Consumption
Cursed Seal: Torture
Curse Release: Armor
Curse Release: Gauntlets
Curse Release: Boots
Weapons Kunai
Scrolls(Several small and large)
Explosive Tags

Hōjō Sarutobi (猿飛法情 Sarutobi Houjou, lit: Monkey Jump, Principle Emotion) is one of the prosperous Sarutobi Clan, however, unlike most of his clan who are known for their loyalty and power among common residents and ninja, Hōjō is known among the underworld for his power and deceptions. Currently an S-Class Missing-Nin, he is one of the members of the Revived Akatsuki, who are currently known by their alias of Ashura, partnering with Shinja Clan head,Kyogi Shinja.

Formerly, Hōjō was born to Miruko Sarutobi, the former Fire Daimyo and the daughter of an unnamed political figure, he would be known not for his skills as a ninja, but for his knowledge in political and world-wide affairs. He would grow up in a society of knowledge, books surrounded him and he would barely live any “true” life. Yet his grand-uncle, Hiruzen Sarutobi would introduce him to the arts of a ninja, and Hōjō would soon become driven to obtain power. Under his Grand-uncle’s student, Orochimaru, Hōjō would gain secret and unorthodox arts, including the Cursed Seal and a contract with Snakes. Along with this, he would gain a natural affinity for several Juinjutsu and Fūinjutsu. Soon afterward, he would seemingly encounter Kyogi in an unusual battle, and would join the Akatsuki at the age of 22, whilst keeping his “ties” with the Daimyō, providing the Akatsuki unrestricted access to the country, much to their advantage.



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Houjou possesses a history unlike most ninja of the current era; he has been distanced from wars and the alike for years upon years, and has been in very few physical conflicts. However, in the case of political conflict; Houjou has been through multitudes upon multitudes of political battles. His entire childhood and adolescent years were spent in mastering the ways of a politician, and it is only recently that his birth as a ninja is apparent.

Birth of a LordEdit

Born unto a Fire Daimyo by the name of Miruko Sarutobi, who had been born and brought up as a ninja, but entered the ranks of the Daimyo and his unnamed spouse, Houjou seemingly had very little talent as a ninja to be shown. However, it was merely his father who bent the truth and deceived the general public, in-fact; Houjou possessed a remarkable amount of chakra for his age, which had been purposely sealed by his father in order for his son to be brought up as a political advocate of the clan. Through the first few years of his life, Houjou would be pampered by his father and mother, retaining an unusual superiority that fits most that would bear the amount of wealth he possessed at the time. Soon enough, Houjou would be educated privately, away from all things known as “friends” or “comrades”, his father decided that they would be not be needed. In truth, Miruko had made the decisions for all of Houjou’s major life choices, not even bothering to take the opinion of Houjou or even his spouse.


As soon as Houjou entered the doors which were his new and only official schooling, he would be trained to primarily become something “more” than those beneath them. He was taught to discard all of his emotions and become a leader who only used his head, not his heart. It was soon after these rudimentary disciplines were complete, that Houjou would begin to learn much about political, social and various other affairs. He would exceed expectations, becoming masterful in the theory behind all that he was taught, even his mentors were in awe of the pace he had accelerated at, and his father had been proud of him. Yet, soon he would begin utilising his son’s genius as a tool to rise to the top of the food chain. Weaving his way through his son’s brilliance, Houjou would finally shatter the naivety that misconceived his father’s true intents. After all, all this mentoring about military tactics, strategy, political tactics and leadership wasn’t for nothing, by the time he had become eleven years of age, Houjou had already surpassed his father in the sheer brilliance of his political talent.

Adolescence - Vow of ConqueringEdit

Reaching the age of 13, Houjou was officially an adolescent, and he would now put his devious schemes into action. Disguising himself as an envoy from the organisation known as Miruko, he had begun to discuss various deals about the trading of illegal weaponry among the higher-ranks. Many were pleased at this deal, and especially Houjou’s father. This charade continued on for many weeks, and the excuse Houjou gave for his absence was merely, a “World Tour”.

However, soon enough the pretence which Miruko thought would cause him to earn millions of Ryo, actually collapsed in a single day. Plans were accidentally “leaked” out of his personal security, and the elders of the Land of Fire, along with the various Hokage, had abolished the Daimyo’s current position, ripping him of the title.

Ascension to PowerEdit

Yet soon enough it would be that Houjou began to have wider dreams, and as such, by the age of 16, had already placed an elaborate scheme to gain a position in the Daimyo. None of the elders opposed him, as his sincere façade was so utterly believable, it even astonished Houjou himself.

Soon enough, Houjou would begin to feel lacking at his inability to utilise the ninja arts like he should, and for merely his own devilish purposes, went to his grand-uncle’s student, Orochimaru, knowing of the secret techniques that he practiced, through his own means of information-gathering.

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Snake TechniquesEdit

Summoning TechniqueEdit

Ninja SkillsEdit





Behind the ScenesEdit

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