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Hageshi Inuzuka (激しい 犬塚, Hageshī Inuzuka, meaning fierce) is a former member of the Inuzuka Clan and a renowned Missing-nin of Konohagakure. A mercenary for hire though not quick to sell his services to the first Tom, Dick or Harry; Hageshi maintains a strict level of professionalism and rarely fights for a cause he doesn't believe in. He frequently partners Itazura Fūma.

Appearance Edit

Hageshi is an imposing individual with a muscular physique and intimidating appearance, believed to arise through his time in the presence of animals over mankind. He is distinguishable through his light-blue spiky hair and face plate which appears to be made from bone, supposedly that of his dead Ninken. His eyes are as blue as his hair which also have green-hued lines positioned below them, similar to the eye markings on the Panthers he lives and travels with. Understandable considering his personal summons are also panthers.

In terms of clothing, Hageshi prefers wearing clothing very different from the traditional Shinobi forces of the various lands. Instead of the usual green Flak Jacket, Hageshi prefers a simple white jacket open to show his chest with white trousers and black boots to complete the appearance. Wrapped around his waist is a black sash which holds his weapons pouch, scrolls and other everyday essentials.

Personality Edit

History Edit

At some point in time Hageshi abandoned his clan and village for the life of a mercenary; selling out his comrades in the process. A mere two weeks after Kenji Nara turned twelve, Hageshi was traveling with Itazura Fūma around the Konoha area. To preserve their freedom and prevent word getting back to the village that they where in the Land of Fire, Hageshi and Itazura attacked a young man who had become separated from his sensei. Hageshi immediately brutalized young Kenji leaving him a state close to death.

The arrival of a Konoha shinobi by the name of Akira prevented Kenji's near-death experience becoming permanent. Through use of his implanted Kekkei Genkai Akira left Hageshi with multiple burn scars. Ultimately the duo failed to prevent their location becoming known though they did learn about the Two-tailed Monster Cat, which Itazura claimed had been sealed within young Kenji. The two fled to parts unknown to begin hatching their plans for the creature.

Synopsis Edit

Powers and Abilities Edit

Taijutsu Edit

Inuzuka Clan Techniques Edit

Hageshi is proficient in several of the canine-based techniques his clan specialize in, most notably the Combination Technique. He employs the use of collaborative attacks alongside his Panther summons and formerly his own Ninken who died some time in his youth. His fighting style relies primarily on the Four Legs Technique and he can perform it for incredible lengths of time such is his mastery of it, benefiting him with the enhanced physical abilities of the technique.

In regards to the Passing Fang jutsu, Hageshi is incredibly skilled. He can utilize the technique on instinct; reacting to incoming danger with a quick and sudden spin attack that can deflect projectiles and shred flesh in an instant. Its strength is also enough to drill through stone, powerful earthen walls and all but the strongest of defense jutsu. When used alongside his Panther summons he is fit to use the stronger Fang Passing Fang jutsu that can be very difficult to judge due to the speed of both Hageshi and his Panthers.

Hybrid Form Edit

Hageshi's hybrid form

Hageshi's appearance following use of the Human Beast Combination Transformation: Human Panther.

By modifying the Combination Technique slightly, Hageshi has achieved a hybrid transformation that bestows him with even more physical strength than the boost experienced by the Four Legs Technique. By fusing with one of his Panther summons, Hageshi bridges the gap between man and beast, becoming sufficiently stronger, faster, more sensitive to sights and sounds and much more destructive in his actions. The form grants his immense physical strength which has often been described as superhuman, speed which surpasses a normal panther and improved senses: though this last fact can easily be turned against him through high-pitched sounds and particular odors.

In terms of appearance, Hageshi himself becomes more panther-esque. His teeth become more jagged and sharp - more so than the Four Legs Technique does - while his fingertips become sharp claws capable of tearing into flesh with incredible ease. His feet also undergo change and become black clawed paws, similar to that of a cat while a slender whip-like tail is also shown. His spiky-blue hair also becomes incredibly long, falling down his back unhindered and nows takes the form of a large main. The markings around his eyes also enlarge somewhat and extend to the tips of his ears, which also become much more cat-like in appearance with tufts of blue fur. The bone of his former Ninken which earlier decorated his face is replaced with a piece of white, bone-like headgear on his forehead that offers some small protection, serving the same function as the traditional forehead protector. His clothing also undergoes some prominent changes, as it becomes a much more form-fitting suit of white segmented armor as opposed to the free white jacket and trousers seen previously. Blades also protrude from his forearms and his calves which serve as his main melee weapons and for Taijutsu aids.

Wind Release Edit

The Wind Release remains the sole nature Hageshi has any level of skill in. His abilities in regards to wind techniques are kept solely as a trump card to be used in situations were he must fight at a distance or to strike through defenses his Taijutsu skills are incapable of puncturing: a habit saw in the jutsu he favors.

Among his repertoire he has demonstrated the Beast Tearing Palm technique, which unleashes a slicing chakra wave which can be controlled by Hageshi's own thoughts, drastically increasing its offensive and defensive uses. For example, should he be shrouded in mist or smoke he can still target his opponent through smell and then direct the chakra wave through his targets smell. In addition he can continually rotate the technique around his body to deflect projectiles, clear smoke and then direct it as it usually would be used. His skills are such that he can fire two waves, one from each hand without much effort and control both separately. In addition to this level of mastery, Hageshi is capable of refining the Beast tearing Palm into the stronger Beast Tearing Gale Palm to lay waste to objects around him due to its forceful expulsion from the hand. The hand-like chakra shape can also be used to squeeze the life from a target or simply to hold an individual in place for a following attack.

For close-range combat when he finds his Taijutsu just aren't enough to break his foes defenses, Hageshi falls back on his mastery of the Blade of Wind. When in use he briefly emits chakra from his fingertips and then materializes it into an invisible sword that assaults the enemy in a gust of wind, while making a slicing sound; such is the traditional use. Hageshi has further refined the technique to better suit his tastes. By keeping the chakra around the fingers, thus benefiting from the extreme cutting power of the wind nature, he proceeds to jab his target with his fingers. The cutting force usually allows him to bypass all but the strongest of defenses and impale into their flesh. Once that is accomplished he materializes the energy and assaults the inside of the persons body to the extreme cutting power of the winds: almost guaranteeing a gruesome kill.

For self-defense in mid-air where the trajectory of a jump cannot be easily changed, or when he is facing an ambush from weapon scrolls, Hageshi commonly utilizes Wind Release: Vacuum Wave to cover his flank by releasing a concentrated wave of wind over a large area by swinging his Kunai. The jutsu also allows him to easily strike at his ambushers, often causing grievous injuries through the gales or by deflecting their weapons back.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Hageshi's powers draw strong inspiration from Bleach antagonist Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, as well as his various pictures. Credit for the original ideas go to Tite Kubo.

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