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Hanshidō(藩指導, Clan Leader) is the official title of the head of the Shinja Clan. To him, or her, irreputable power is given, along with the responsibility for the well-being, governing, and overall survival of all who carry the Shinja name. However daunting the task may seem, the Hanshidō is also granted access to the Guide; an ancestral member of the Shinja whose strength and wisdom is accessed through a Communion of Spirits. At present, the title of Hanshidō rests with Kyogi Shinja.

Selection Edit

Upon the death, ousting, or retirement of the former Hanshidō, the elders of the clan will converge seven days following their conclusion of duty. During the seven days, hopeful candidates will gather support from the general population and place their bids. On the seventh day, the new Hanshidō-elect will be selected and the ancestor will be summoned to confirm the selection. If the ancestor deems the elect unworthy, the process is repeated seven days later.

Notable Hanshidō Edit

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