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Harem Technique
Name Harem Technique
Kanji ハーレムの術
Literal English Harem Technique
Other Ninja Harem
Classification Supplementary
Rank A-rank
Range User
Hand Seals Ram → Snake → Tiger → Ram
Other Jutsu

This technique is considered to be an advanced variation of the Sexy Technique, which is combined with the Shadow Clone Technique. After creating a dozen or so clones, users uses this technique to transform them all into the same beautiful, nude woman. Users employ this technique when they either wants a better chance of his target falling victim, or when the Sexy Technique fails to fulfill its purpose. It is possible the user to create the clones already transformed into nude women, instead of transforming them after they were created. Notably, the mists of smoke that cover these women's privates is greatly decreased compared to the Sexy Technique or any of its variations.

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