Hashirama Senju (Heroes)
Name Hashirama Senju
Kanji 千手柱間
Romanji Senju Hashirama
Personal Status
Birthdate October 23
Age 27
Gender Male1 Male
Height 6'3"
Weight 142 lbs.
Blood Type B+
Home Country Land of Fire Symbol Land of Fire
Affiliation Senju Symbol Senju clan
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Clan leader
Team Senju Symbol Senju clan
Partner Tōka Senju
Tobirama Senju
Family Tōka Senju (sister)
Tobirama Senju (brother)
Rank Clan leader
Chūnin Prom. Age 9
Jōnin Prom. Age 13
Kekkei Genkai Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Nature Type Nature Icon Wood Wood Release
Nature Icon Earth Earth Release
Nature Icon Water Water Release
Jutsu Bringer-of-Darkness Technique
Delayed Root Technique
Earth Release: Bedrock Coffin
Earth Release: Destructive Rising Rock Pillars
Earth Release: Devouring Earth
Earth Release: Earth Dragon Bullet
Earth Release: Earth-Style Rampart
Earth Release: Moving Earth Core
Earth Release: Swamp of the Underworld
Earth Release: Tearing Earth Turning Palm
Hokage-Style Sixty-Year-Old Technique — Kakuan Entering Society with Bliss-Bringing Hands
Root Manipulation Technique
Wood Clone Technique
Wood Release Secret Technique: Final Nativity of a Sea of Trees
Wood Release Secret Technique: Nativity of a World of Trees
Wood Release: Binding Nest
Wood Release: Four-Pillar House Technique
Wood Release: Four-Pillar Prison Technique
Wood Release: Great Forest Technique
Wood Release: Interlocking Tree Technique
Wood Release: Kakuan's Fifth Edict on Enlightenment
Wood Release: Nativity of a Sea of Trees
Wood Release: Nativity of the Lone Tree
Wood Release: Serial Pillar Houses Technique
Wood Release: Smothering Binding Technique
Wood Release: Transformation
Wood Release: Tree Bind Flourishing Burial
Wood Release: World of Trees Wall
Weapons Crystal necklace
Scroll of Seals

Hashirama Senju (千手柱間, Senju Hashirama) is the leader of the Senju clan and a man revered as one of the strongest shinobi of his time. Hashirama is the older brother of Tobirama Senju.

Appearance Edit

Hashirama is shown with dark tan skin, brown eyes, and long black hair. In most cases, he is wearing a similar style to his brother, sister and Madara Uchiha; dark red, metal plating armour of that era similar to what the samurai currently wear, ninja sandals, as well as some type of red headband on his forehead. He has, however, been seen nothing on his head on certain occasions. On each side of the collars of the armour is the Senju clan symbol.

Personality and traits Edit

Hashirama was shown to be a very calm and collected person, as well as kind and caring, with a deep sense of loyalty, great charisma and negotiation skill. He saw the people living in Senju-controlled territory as a part of his own family, and his legacy took a firm root in the land and surrounding areas. He was also shown to be a very wise and insightful man, as Hashirama passed on great teachings to The children of his clan. It was he who first believed that all Senju shinobi should show true loyalty to each other, and that a clan-head must be willing to put his life on the line for his family to set an example for all others. This belief of his would become known as the "Will of Fire." Hashirama also has a sense of honour regarding his opponents and, despite their rivalry, possesses great respect for {{nf|Madara Uchiha (Heroes)

Biography Edit

Hashirama is the leader of the Senju clan. Under his leadership, the Senju came to be regarded as one of the two most powerful clans in the world, rivalling the renowned battle-oriented Uchiha clan. Because of this, when someone hired the Senju clan, the opposing side would hire the Uchiha clan and vice-versa, causing frequent battles between the two. Eventually growing tired of the constant fighting, Hashirama and his clan approached the Uchiha and offered a truce with them - a treaty that was immediately denied by the Madara, the leader of the Uchiha.

Synopsis Edit

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Powers and abilities Edit

Hashirama Senju is considered by many as the most powerful shinobi of his time. He was greatly respected by every shinobi during his life, such that Tobi claimed Hashirama was the one person whom he respected the most as well as detested. His prowess and abilities were so great that he was able to not only fight on equal footing with Madara Uchiha, despite his power of Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan and having Kurama at his side, but even gained victory in the end and survived the battle.

He knew how to perform a great number of techniques and was otherwise knowledgeable of those he could not. He also showed great genjutsu prowess, using the Bringer-of-Darkness Technique that covered the area in darkness which even a genjutsu expert could not dispel.

Nature Transformation Edit

Wood Release dense woodland

Hashirama using Wood Release.

He was most famous for his unique Wood Release techniques, a kekkei genkai that is a mixture of earth- and water-natured chakra that creates this new element. By converting chakra into the source of life, he was able to create trees, causing them to grow to great sizes and manipulate them to diverse shapes and battle uses at will. It was said that this ability was used to create the very landscape of the Senju-controlled land. This ability appeared to be exclusively his, as no other known member of his clan has ever displayed its use.

The ability many coveted him for was his unique ability to control tailed beasts. Of all his considerable talents, it was this ability in particular that made Hashirama unparalleled in the shinobi world, so much so that he is regarded as one of the few people capable of completely controlling a tailed beast.[1] At one time, he had many of the beasts in his possession. This ability was greatly amplified by his crystal necklace, which allowed the Senju clan-head to create an even more powerful version of said technique.

Behind the scenes Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • "Hashirama" (柱間) is a Japanese word referring to the space between two pillars. This might be a play on the word "pillar" (柱, "hashira" in Japanese), as the Hokage is said to be the pillar that supports the village. "柱" is also the counter word for gods and buddhas.
  • According to the third Naruto databook:
    • His hobbies are bonsai and wood sculpting.
    • His desired opponent is Madara Uchiha.
    • His favourite food is mushroom mixed soup.
    • His favourite phrases are "the vast lands fertile" (大地豊饒, "daichi hōjō" in Japanese) and "heaven's garments are without seams" (天衣無縫, "ten'i muhō" in Japanese). They refer to perfect beauty without any artificial elements.
  • Hashirama will be played by Koukishi during Naruto: Path of our Heroes.

Quotes Edit

  • "Those who stray from the path of justice have no courage, but under the wing of a strong leader, cowardice cannot survive."
  • (to Kurama) "Nine-Tails, your power is too great. I cannot let you roam free any longer!"[2]

References Edit

  1. Naruto chapter 458, page 3
  2. Naruto chapter 568, page 8

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