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Name Hayate
Kanji 疾風
Literal English "Gale" or "Hurricane"
Classification Offensive, Supplementary
Rank C-rank
Range Short to Mid range
Other Jutsu
This technique permits the use to generate a substantial amount of wind which can be directed towards targets as a potent gale. As this technique was designed by Nōsei to be used without the necessity of hand seals its performance signifies high levels of chakra control and mastery over wind. It should be noted that gust generated by this technique can only be used in a single linear direction at once, which controlled via hand movements. Furthermore, the force of this technique seems to correspond to the amount of chakra utilized in its performance, permitting him to annihilate small buildings and weather stone in real time at its highest levels.

As this technique has become a favorite of Nōsei's, even amongst his expansive arsenal of original skills, it serves as a notable marker of his current prowess with ninjutsu. His initial demonstration of this technique, early in his chakra wielding career, possessed enough force to knock a fully grown individual off their feet, after preparing the technique for a few seconds. Comparably, Nōsei's skills have advanced enough to allow him to generate a massive gale containing hurricane force winds after only molding his chakra for a mere moment, while preparing the technique for a greater amount of time yields an even more powerful effect.

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