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Heavenly Blade Illusion: Butterfly Dream
Butterfly Dream
Name Heavenly Blade Illusion: Butterfly Dream
Kanji 天剣幻•蝶夢
Rank Unknown
Range Close, Mid
Hand Seals None
Other Jutsu

Fear strikes deeper than the blade. Whether an attack is feint or strikes, any opponent's body will tense up and cringe in anguish in expectation of burning iron carving through unprotected flesh. In this dream of butterflies, all illusive attacks are given form, no matter what was their initial intention. Throughout the country, this jutsu became infamous as the "death of a thousand cuts" (殺千刀, Shā Qiān Dāo). Even the slightest gesture with Kinugiri will manifest into reality as an attack as lethal as any other. In the end, with the plethora of slight swishes Maru only has to execute, the opponent will be struck by the hail of blades, more than they can count every second until they give in to the sweet, everlasting embrace of death.

Because all ethereal blades come into existence, Maru can also merely use this to technique to create multiple weapons for him to wield, throw or scatter around the battlefield as a hindrance for his adversary. In a butterfly dream, there is no certainty wounds and pain are reality or merely a dream, and that not feeling pain isn't merely a mirage created by the subconscious.

When they lose contact with their source, the illusions are prone to shattering when sufficient force is applied. Even so, this doesn't denigrate their penetration potential or sharpness when coming across possible targets.

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